Have you ever wished companies would go to war with the Commie bastards?

Enjoy the show.

This is OUR Country. They don’t decide: WE DO.

Where are all the billionaires who got rich thanks to the opportunities America gave them? Wherever they are they have their backs turned on America and Americans.

Our country and our people and our families and our neighbors are being bombarded with ridiculous nonsense designed to terrify and control them. Then they think WE are crazy when we tell them the sky is blue. Where are all those who run big companies who have had the resources and platform to fight back against this absolute nightmare/joke we’ve all be put through and still are being put through?

Then their ungrateful Commie Leftist companies treat us like animals who look right in herds and act like we are doing THEM a favor when we give them our business.

What’s to stop them when they are ALL in on it?! What can we do?

And what do our “representatives” do? Absolutely NOTHING that is what (besides accept their rewards for being good little Global Communist puppets).


We The People will fix this nonsense ourselves. We don’t need this abuse.

We The People are AMERICANS, and we are going to show them what that means.

Are you with me?

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Please join your Fellow Patriots and Sign up below…

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Tell your friends you have GREAT NEWS because WE are going to END the nonsense. NO MORE wondering what they are going to NOT do to assert our rights next. No more wondering who else is going to fix even one problem for us.

This is America, and in America WE decide how it’s going to go.

Let’s get it done.

America ONLY!

Sincerely your brother Patriot to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20

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