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Take a moment to think back on our time since the beginning of 2020...

How many utterly terrible things come to mind?

SUICIDE rates through the roof.  Dreams crushed.  Hearts shattered.  Hope disintegrated.

Families torn apart.  Countless businesses destroyed.  Countless friendships lost.

How many people couldn’t see an elderly loved one one last time?

How many people watched the weddings of loved ones on a screen?

How many kids will never get their senior prom back?  Or the graduation they studied for over a decade and a half to earn?

How many __________ fill in the blank.

How does that make you feel?


NONE OF IT would have been possible without the LIES of Dr. Fauci.


There is literally no way to measure the damage done by Fauci.  It is abuse of power taken to depths which cannot possibly be measured or even fully comprehended.

If I say he is every bit as bad as Josef Mengele that would surely be met with opposition from some of our brothers and sisters in the Jewish community, but:

Tell that to the families of those who have committed suicide as a result of the incomprehensibly evil lies of Dr. Fauci.  Those Americans are every bit as dead as those murdered by Mengele.

They made CHILDREN’S BOOKS promoting the false idol of Fauci as some kind of divine being worthy of worship in order to DECEIVE CHILDREN.


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No deterrent short of execution is even remotely strong enough to address the incomprehensible crimes which Fauci has committed with such obvious ease to himself.

Fauci must be executed:

Not as a “punishment”, as the actual fires of hell are quite literally the only punishment which are adequate for the likes of him at all, but rather:

Fauci must be executed as greatest deterrent which We The People are capable of providing to the safety of future generations in our human capacity.

If we do not relentlessly demand the execution of Fauci until it is done:

We are inviting such evil upon the children of America and upon every generation to follow.

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To be clear:

When I insist we must demand the execution of Fauci, I absolutely am NOT suggesting that any person or group should take the law into their own hands in order to execute him.

I am referring ONLY to Fauci being executed with Due Process. 

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