I have great news for Anti-Vaxxers: The #FinalSolutionStrain is in the vaccines and all those annoying people giving you a hard time about refusing to take advantage of “your turn” are going to start dropping dead in approximately 6 months according to sources familiar with the situation. The death jabs (new experimental vaccines) are like ticking time bombs as it turns out and the only experiment about it is they aren’t certain exactly how long it’ll take on average for the recipients to drop dead.


Of course they will explain the deaths as resulting from a super mutant “new strain”, which technically will be the truth since people couldn’t wait for their turn to have the “new strain” directly injected into their body.

Shhhhh… Can you hear that? If you listen real close you can hear Bill Gates cackling like a banshee and telling his non-vaccinated friends, “See I told ya doctors are just as easy to buy as politicians”.

So at this time they are jabbing the new strain straight into the arms of all the people who will no longer be contributing their average of 20 cubic tons of carbon each into the atmosphere each year. I suppose it’s evolution if you consider the fact that weak animals die out and stupid ones do too.


The psychopathic elites don’t want to kill everyone, they say they want 500 million people on earth they didn’t say zero. Know how they decide which 500 million? Well suffice it to say they prefer smart people over idiots. Personally I don’t think they’ll find even close to 500 million non-idiots but time will tell.

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A lot of folks have speculated and some have even accused President Trump of being a closet Globalist for supporting the vaccines. That’s not it.

What it is, is:

Trump knew that their plan was to drag their feet on vaccines and keep the shutdowns going indefinitely in order to completely destroy the American Economy. If the Globalist psychopaths had gotten their way, Americans would eventually be literally eating each other for sustenance before being invaded and taken over by anyone who packed a nutritious lunch before landing on the shores of America. As such, it was better to make the vaccines as fast as possible as that was the least bad of two incomprehensibly horrible options.

Also, and this might be a hard red pill to swallow:

Trump knows that the people there are hope for will not take the vaccine regardless and that it’s better to save the economy for the smart people, rather than try in vain to save those who don’t have enough sense to avoid eagerly awaiting their “turn” to be directly injected with poison.

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