It is truly astounding that it’s even necessary to tell adults who can read and write that “Covid-19” is literally nothing more than a rebranded set of the most common symptoms on earth. All wrapped up in a shiny new package complete with the scariest super-zoomed 3D virus graphics you ever saw in your earthly life. Absolutely impossible to discredit by all but the very few who have the abstract thought of applying the math skills they learned in 3rd Grade.


While “Covid” is a “Must-Have Product” for some folks, it’s not for everyone. It’s only for the segment of the population who ever experience any symptom…of anything…ever again.

I felt quite sure that people would see through the entire fraud when during the first year of this circus they suddenly added the symptoms of seasonal allergies…….DURING ALLERGY SEASON.

Clearly I overestimated people by a very, very, very, very, very long way.

The whole thing feels like being trapped inside one of those cheesy medication commercials where they say something like:

“Do you have two arms, two legs and a head? Do you find yourself sleeping with your eyes closed? Do you inhale oxygen multiple times per day? If so talk to your doctor about our overpriced prescription so that he can finish the job of selling you something you don’t need. Don’t delay, we didn’t fly your doctor to that all-expenses paid trip to Cabo for no reason.”

You see, if you can reach into people’s minds and tear out every last ounce of peace of mind that was there…well then you can sell their peace of mind back to them in any form which best suits the rest of your agenda.

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Let’s break it down so that our less observant friends have at least some hope of understanding this:

1.  “Covid” = Bin Laden.

2.  “Mask Up” = Shoes Off (at the airport).

*Important: For anyone who thought Covid and Bin Laden are two separate things:

No, they are not two separate things.  They are exactly and precisely the same thing. As a matter of fact, the thing which they both are has a name and it’s a name we’ve all heard before:

The Boogieman.

You know the boogieman?  When we were kids many of our parents used it to scare the kids into obedience.  “Better eat all your vegetables or the Boogieman will get you!”

So how many terrorists did they find again thanks to literally billions of pre-flight shoe removals over multiple decades?

Uh huh. It’s your turn! It’s YOUR turn, your extra-special celebration of life, for you to get “your” jab which is far more likely to kill you than “Covid”!

(BTW: You do know that the more cautious of the perpetrators call it a “Jab” because they know it is NOT a vaccine? Right? So are you still going to get “your” jab when it is “your” turn?)


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