You may have heard rumors that there are 250,000 Chinese troops in Canada and Mexico waiting to come into the United States?  Those rumor are partly true, but the 250,000 number is false.

There are significantly more than 250,000 of them in Canada and Mexico.

250,000 is closer to the number of Chinese military and other agents which are in the USA right now, posing as students or professors or various others.  You may have heard reports of large supplies of weapons being intercepted in the USA after arriving from China?  When those shipments aren’t intercepted (and most aren’t), they are collected and stashed by the Chinese in America who are standing by to use them (Now none of them are intercepted because they are being allowed in by the new “administration”/servants of China).

Will they attack the United States?  They won’t need to attack because they’ll be invited in by their good friend Joe in the name of policing and peacekeeping.  I mean, American police are so evil and incapable that they have to be Defunded right? No, actually the real reason the Left wants American police defunded is because American police are not evil and they are the most capable in the world, and the false-narrative that they can’t do the job is to manufacture excuses to “accept” international “help” from the Chinese and the UN.  (You probably noticed that the George Floyd Family attorneys wasted no time after the Floyd incident to “ask” the U.N. to “intervene with the U.S. Justice System”?  Also search, “Chinese Police Paris” for more examples around the world).

And don’t worry, if China’s best friend Joe becomes indisposed or passes away or otherwise fails in his loyal duties to the Chinese, then they will simply attack.

I know what we need to do.

For an outline and/or to get more info and to connect click below my name.

Sincerely, your Brother Patriot to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20


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