For every last glowing ember of hate, Divisionists drop to their hands & knees and blow on that ember like they’re about to freeze to death.
The Florida Condo collapse was a Professionally done Controlled Demolition and both Biden and Dade County Mayor knew ahead and met to discuss
I stopped using Parler because Parler, like Bongino, is back-stabbing Deep State controlled-opposition. "No Censorship". L. O. L.
Suicide is the Ultimate Quit and The Ultimate Cowardice. John McAfee never quit(s) anything and he was/is the precise opposite of a coward.
Kindly distribute to ALL Patriots: The Enemies of Liberty are building up to another False Flag Event fiction film like 1/6.
WHY is there SUCH a disproportionate push to “jab” absolutely everyone with these “vaccines” for a "virus" with a >99% recovery rate?
FALSE FLAG ALERT: The Enemies of Liberty are building up to another False Flag Event fiction film like the one they produced with the help of CNN on 1/6 in DC.
Most folks don't like being lied to. When your entire life is a lie like it is for Transgender people that's a high-risk lifestyle as a fact.
While Novid-0 aka Nothingburger-19 is faker than a $6 dollar bill, the exceedingly vile, morally bankrupt Left is worse than any other virus.
The Benedict Arnold-Judas fools who have and do line up for the false-idol "vaccines" are surely given over to a reprobate mind.
The Global “Pandemic” was easy to recognize as a complete fraud in the first half of 2020 by anyone who simply applied 3rd Grade level math.
Like, "The Science", Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a selective belief system aka a RELIGION and calls for Freedom FROM Religion.
Psychological DOMESTIC TERRORISTS are pushing the “Climate Change” Agenda which is a DIRECT AND DELIBERATE ACT OF WAR upon The United States.
The unwitting Domestic Terrorist servants of our Global Agenda-pushing enemies are even more dangerous than our enemies themselves.
No I'm not going to talk about "Vaccine Shedding" I'm going to talk about very dangerous and highly contagious communicable diseases of MIND.
President Trump saved our Republic with Operation Warp Speed and make no mistake it was a matter of National Security.
Our enemies are not in DC or any State Capital. They are not American at all and they play governments like normal people play video games.
Everything you need to know about Critical Race Theory aka CRT in a 30 second read (make sure you're sitting down).
If you saw the 1/6 ANTIFA BLM organized & CNN-Produced FAKE NEWS "Riot" Fiction Film then you'll love this FACT CHECKED TRUE info.
It's YOUR turn! OBEY US we'll save you from Boogieman of the Month!” They found more terrorists than people who actually died of “Covid-19”.