The Science Selective Data Cherry Picked for Usurpation Election
"We are ruled by The Science not by any other consideration." -Dr. Anthony Fauci (who like a weatherman is consistently wrong but isn't fired).
BLM ANTIFA George Floyd Derek Chauvin Riots
Forget MN Protests only Parler could have facilitated Capitol Riot planning, an assault so dangerous everyone forgot their "assault weapons".
You know an activist isn't playing games when even her table manners align with her politics.
WASHINGTON — “The Science” has finally discovered why the Biden administration is stealing everything but the […]
FATAL REVEAL: Highest UK Royal Medical General Secretary Says "We haven't infected enough people with this virus" to track and trace
They know American history. They have no plausible deniability. They knew what needed to be done to restore and guarantee peace.
The Chinese won’t need to attack or invade because they’ll be invited in by their good friend Joe in the name of policing and peacekeeping.
So the Left wants to talk about the incitement and provocation of violence? Let's do that.
So the Left wants to talk about the incitement and provocation of violence? Let’s do that. […]
The ungrateful America LAST Commie Leftist companies treat us like animals and act like we are doing THEM a favor. NO MORE.
Wokeism is a an extremist belief system religion forced on us by the same Cultural Marxist “Frankfurt School” demons from hell who've infected America with a pandemic plague disease of the mind and spirit called “Critical Race Theory”.
Wokeism is a covetous religion of existential envy which presents theft as a virtue and is a violation of The Establishment Clause of The 1st Amendment.
Trust Yourself To Work A Real Plan: There will be no more America other than the one we build ourselves from here forward. It is GO TIME. Let's get it done.
SABOTAGE: You name it The #AmericaHatingLEFT #AmericaLastLEFT DID IT. ALL 2020 CHAOS, 1/6, 11/3, Economic Sabotage SHUTDOWNS, DIVIDING RACES, etc
I hope everyone on all sides can work harder to communicate with each other. Censorship puts everyone in danger so we have to work together.
What would you have to be planning for you to genuinely fear that good law abiding Americans will shoot you when they find out?
A totally illegitimate and exceedingly evil criminal regime has taken complete control of our Government after stealing our election in broad daylight.
It's sad to see Americans in such astonishing denial that they look to the Pre-Rigged '22 and '24 "elections" as an actual solution to anything.
Here is how to start a Hot Civil War (a “hot” civil war means gun’s blazing […]
*(Before we begin there is a very serious first order of business to address:  If you […]