Our problems are infinitely worse and infinitely more dangerous than 99% of humans can fully comprehend. Here's The Solution.
Not everyone who receives the experimental "vaccines" dies? Not every person who gets shot with a gun dies either.
The “vaccines” are NOT PROTECTING those who have accepted them as their new Injectable Lord and Savior?  Here is WHY...
"Vaccines" have killed more Americans than GUNS in 2021, they meet the Legal Definition of "Deadly Weapon" & Invoke Stand-Your-Ground Law.
The Experimental "Vaccines" Are Killing Americans at a higher rate than guns are.
"If everybody loses nobody wins." -Vic Freeman "Fact-checkers check for & remove facts which conflict with the FALSE NARRATIVE." -Vic Freeman
The ONLY thing this “government” does which REALLY matters is: The FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY they provide.
RED ALERT: “Cyber Polygon 2021” is the next Gates/Bloomberg/WEF dry run/dress rehearsal of the NEXT PLANdemic to be perpetrated upon us.
They decide what Biden's Teleprompter says and they want to starve and/or poison you and your family to death .
The Media continues to WEAPONIZE the brainwashed masses against freedom of choice on "vaccines" and on Trump's NOW FORENSICALLY PROVEN win.
The Left has been weaponized. Or didn't you notice the event of Leftist violence sometimes referred to as, "2020"? Buckle your seatbelts...
The CDC says MASKS are STILL necessary to protect those who are, "extremely vulnerable". Sooo I have a question...
Lady Liberty is in a horribly abusive relationship and if she doesn't get out fast a lot of people are going to die.
"You'll own nothing and you'll be happy about it." -Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum (Communist Green Takeover)
*ALERT: The “vaccines” have now killed EXPONENTIALLY more Americans than 9/11: This is a modern day HOLOCAUST of epic proportions.
"Best post I've ever read". "Vic Freeman is Rush Limbaugh 2.0": MAGA, Tea Party & other Patriots all say this is the best post they've ever read.
“The biggest mistake the enemies of our Republic made in 2020 is they pissed off people who are way smarter than them.” -Vic Freeman (me)
I knew a white privileged kid growing up, the only kid in town with his own dirt bike. His father never missed a day of work in his life...
Want to see the FRAUD of BLM end? Just read and share this post and watch what happens...
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has been a bigger help to the Global-Corporate Demons who seek to destroy America than The United States Military.