Curing the YUGE Racial Divide is very simple. You will be literally shocked at how simple the solution is.
I agree that it is insanely unfair to blame all of the Trump supporters who were in DC on 1/6 for the actions of the very few Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Building (if they were even Trump supporters in the first place).
The Founders made it clear that not only should We The People have the same weapons as the military but that it is the greatest threat to our Liberty to have anything less.
The Left are morally bankrupt animals who are creating their fully criminal culture which applauds new perversions each week and rewards violence upon the innocent, rioting, arson, looting and every form of theft of mind, spirit, soul and property.
The Left will never stop until they have robbed you of absolutely everything you hold dear, including the minds of your kids. SOLUTION HERE
Thieves. That’s all the demons from hell on the Left are. That’s it. That is 100% of what they are about.
We may get our country back very soon: The Left have drawn First Blood & The MN National Guard can slaughter them all now.
Deadly vaccines really can make the world a better place. They're reducing the idiot population and the vast majority of idiots are Leftists.
Want masks worn to protect the most vulnerable? Okay go put masks on some fetuses and screw off.
The Time Has Come for We The People to Assemble Together One And All In Defense of Ourselves.
Why “overthrow” a bunch of puppets? We The People are the only Government that anyone is trying to overthrow in this scenario.
I bet I can guess what you did yesterday?  Here goes… You joined Fellow Patriots in […]
false narrative
How incredible is it that we are on the front lines of an actual World War as we sit at our computers and hold our smartphones in our hands?
The Science Selective Data Cherry Picked for Usurpation Election
"We are ruled by The Science not by any other consideration." -Dr. Anthony Fauci (who like a weatherman is consistently wrong but isn't fired).
BLM ANTIFA George Floyd Derek Chauvin Riots
Forget MN Protests only Parler could have facilitated Capitol Riot planning, an assault so dangerous everyone forgot their "assault weapons".
You know an activist isn't playing games when even her table manners align with her politics.
WASHINGTON — “The Science” has finally discovered why the Biden administration is stealing everything but the […]
FATAL REVEAL: Highest UK Royal Medical General Secretary Says "We haven't infected enough people with this virus" to track and trace
They know American history. They have no plausible deniability. They knew what needed to be done to restore and guarantee peace.