The Founders had no higher priority than to prevent government from having any power which would be, “formidable to the liberties of the people.”
The good news is that the truth about the election is about to be revealed. The bad news literally has no end, with JUST ONE exception.
The Left will never accept the truth. There will be no reasoning with them. There will be no discussing it with them. Anyone who thought 2020 was bad hasn’t seen anything from the Left yet.
The experimental "Vaccines" are a crime of war, crime against humanity, attempted murder, and each and every person who has administered or administers them will face tribunal similar to Nuremburg. "Just following (doctors) orders" will not save anyone just as at Nuremburg and offenders shall be pursued for life and brought to trial just as with Nazi's for the decades following WWII.
“No borders, no walls no American at all” is a clear statement of the intention to destroy our country which is America. “Death to America” is as clear as clarity gets and requires no explanation.
The Left will never stop molesting our lives and the minds (and bodies) of our children unless they come up against impenetrable defenses.
Forced Vaccination is coming and that’s only the beginning. There are criminals and then there are predators. While criminals can be happy committing their crimes from a distance: Predators will chase you.
Forced Vaccination is coming and that’s only the beginning. There are criminals and then there are predators. While criminals can be happy committing their crimes from a distance: Predators will chase you.
It is truly astounding that it's even necessary to tell adults who can read and write that "Covid-19" is literally nothing more than a rebranded set of the most common symptoms on earth.
hate speech: speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate a person because of some trait as such as national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability
Did you think Covid and Bin Laden are two separate things? No, they are not two separate things.They are exactly and precisely the same thing.
There are criminals and then there are predators. You are fooling yourself if you think Militia is less than 1776% necessary.
There are criminals and then there are predators. You are fooling yourself if you think Militia is less than 1776% necessary.
The death jab vaccines are like ticking time bombs as it turns out, of course they will explain the deaths as resulting from a super mutant "new strain".
If you assign tasks to an employee, and they steal and destroy your business while you’re asleep at the wheel, it's not their fault it's your fault.
The Founders were Militia and they made clear that militia is necessary to the security of a free State. Not optional: Necessary.
The Left knows there's no racism or fascism. They're just USING those for Marxist Subversion chaos and theft of absolutely everything.
Let he who is without sin cast the first…brick? Or cast the first soup can? The only equality in Marxism is Marxists hate every race equally.
YOU are racist until you prove you aren’t. Don’t worry though, proving you aren’t racist is just as easy as proving any other negative.
LEFTIST: You’re a RACIST! YOU: Why do you say that? LEFTIST: Because you are a FASCIST! YOU: Let's heal the divide? RACIST! FASCIST! RACIST!
With the pieces in place for a hyper-realistic drill, everything looks real & the public has no clue it wasn't a real mass shooting attack.
"Best post I've ever read". "Vic Freeman is Rush Limbaugh 2.0": MAGA, Tea Party & other Patriots all say this is the best post they've ever read.
The Founders didn't fight a war against government regulation to assign the regulation of the means of war to government.
"DC Riot"? Big Corporate Mainstream Media & Big Tech thinks people are stupid? Well, if I can be Captain Obvious for a moment: Yes. They do.
BLM? There’s a big difference between racial justice & Marxism. The Left manipulates emotions of Black Americans & uses them to gain power.
The Founders made it clear that not only should We The People have the same weapons as the military but that it is the greatest threat to our Liberty to have anything less.
Every Trump supporter I know wears black hoodies under their Trump MAGA? Should we ask Massa Pelosi the White Liberal Supremacist?
Curing the YUGE Racial Divide is very simple. You will be literally shocked at how simple the solution is.
I agree that it is insanely unfair to blame all of the Trump supporters who were in DC on 1/6 for the actions of the very few Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Building (if they were even Trump supporters in the first place).
The Left are morally bankrupt animals who are creating their fully criminal culture which applauds new perversions each week and rewards violence upon the innocent, rioting, arson, looting and every form of theft of mind, spirit, soul and property.
The Left will never stop until they have robbed you of absolutely everything you hold dear, including the minds of your kids. SOLUTION HERE
Thieves. That’s all the demons from hell on the Left are. That’s it. That is 100% of what they are about.
We may get our country back very soon: The Left have drawn First Blood & The MN National Guard can slaughter them all now.
Deadly vaccines really can make the world a better place. They're reducing the idiot population and the vast majority of idiots are Leftists.
Want masks worn to protect the most vulnerable? Okay go put masks on some fetuses and screw off.
The Time Has Come for We The People to Assemble Together One And All In Defense of Ourselves.
Why “overthrow” a bunch of puppets? We The People are the only Government that anyone is trying to overthrow in this scenario.
I bet I can guess what you did yesterday?  Here goes… You joined Fellow Patriots in posting and/or viewing posts […]
false narrative
How incredible is it that we are on the front lines of an actual World War as we sit at our computers and hold our smartphones in our hands?
The Science Selective Data Cherry Picked for Usurpation Election
"We are ruled by The Science not by any other consideration." -Dr. Anthony Fauci (who like a weatherman is consistently wrong but isn't fired).
BLM ANTIFA George Floyd Derek Chauvin Riots
Forget MN Protests only Parler could have facilitated Capitol Riot planning, an assault so dangerous everyone forgot their "assault weapons".
You know an activist isn't playing games when even her table manners align with her politics.
WASHINGTON — “The Science” has finally discovered why the Biden administration is stealing everything but the kitchen sink from the […]
FATAL REVEAL: Highest UK Royal Medical General Secretary Says "We haven't infected enough people with this virus" to track and trace
They know American history. They have no plausible deniability. They knew what needed to be done to restore and guarantee peace.
The Chinese won’t need to attack or invade because they’ll be invited in by their good friend Joe in the name of policing and peacekeeping.
So the Left wants to talk about the incitement and provocation of violence? Let's do that.
So the Left wants to talk about the incitement and provocation of violence? Let’s do that. The Left has and […]
The ungrateful America LAST Commie Leftist companies treat us like animals and act like we are doing THEM a favor. NO MORE.
Wokeism is a an extremist belief system religion forced on us by the same Cultural Marxist “Frankfurt School” demons from hell who've infected America with a pandemic plague disease of the mind and spirit called “Critical Race Theory”.
Wokeism is a covetous religion of existential envy which presents theft as a virtue and is a violation of The Establishment Clause of The 1st Amendment.
Trust Yourself To Work A Real Plan: There will be no more America other than the one we build ourselves from here forward. It is GO TIME. Let's get it done.
SABOTAGE: You name it The #AmericaHatingLEFT #AmericaLastLEFT DID IT. ALL 2020 CHAOS, 1/6, 11/3, Economic Sabotage SHUTDOWNS, DIVIDING RACES, etc
I hope everyone on all sides can work harder to communicate with each other. Censorship puts everyone in danger so we have to work together.
What would you have to be planning for you to genuinely fear that good law abiding Americans will shoot you when they find out?
A totally illegitimate and exceedingly evil criminal regime has taken complete control of our Government after stealing our election in broad daylight.
It's sad to see Americans in such astonishing denial that they look to the Pre-Rigged '22 and '24 "elections" as an actual solution to anything.
Here is how to start a Hot Civil War (a “hot” civil war means gun’s blazing and blood flowing): Go […]
*(Before we begin there is a very serious first order of business to address:  If you do not share this […]
Does the rattlesnake rattle to provoke? Does the rattlesnake rattle to incite?
Biden voters had all of their votes stolen?!  But didn’t Biden win?  No, everyone lost. Well everyone didn’t lose.  The […]
If you are an unelected power-hungry Global elitist then Joe Biden is your dream come true. The only thing better […]
“If our rights are only as firm as the most infirm amongst us we have no rights.” -Vic Freeman
Anti-Vaxx isn’t about freedom of religion it’s about freedom from religion. -Vic Freeman Everyone has had it backwards. You don’t […]
Politics is not the same as war. Politics is when people who disagree debate each other in good faith and civility in order to meet in the middle. That is NOT what this is.
Imagine barging into someone’s home and informing them that you’re going to change everything they love about it whether they […]
2nd Amendment
The term, “Gaslight” originates from a 1938 play of the same name, wherein a man seeks to convince his wife […]
There’s been a lot of talk of plots to overthrow the Government lately.  Yes, there most definitely is a plot […]
A best way to incite and provoke violence is to go into a Constitutional Republic where people have the right […]
“A stand-your-ground law establishes a right by which a person may defend one’s self or others against threats or perceived […]
So right now, as you read, I have the distinct displeasure of officially welcoming you to WWIII.  Don’t let the […]
Communism is an idea which fails to take the absolute worst in human nature into account and it always ends […]
Democracy is black people sitting in the back of the bus when 50% of the people +1 person thought that […]
When they call you, or Trump, or anyone else, “racist”… Don’t defend yourself or the other person. Don’t get suckered […]
“A WARNING TO THE LEFT IN AMERICA.”By Vic Freeman is:*”PROVOKING VIOLENCE” DISCLAIMER:I am sharing this post (below entitled, “ A […]

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