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*(Please Note: While Vic Freeman and Victory Group, U.S.A. Est. 1776™ are very Pro-Black-Rights we are absolutely NOT Pro-BLM/Marxist in any way, shape or form whatsoever).

Sources familiar with the situation report that BLM and ANTIFA are being ordered to provoke a “hot” (shooting) Civil War in Portland, OR and other Democrat-run cities, with escalations including pulling innocent people from vehicles as well as beating people while armed with firearms including AR-15 and AK-47 “assault weapons”.

The Largest American Militia To From Since 1776: Coast-To-Coast

The leadership of Portland, OR including the leadership of the City of Portland including leadership of PD are said to be complicit.  *(The officers of the Portland PD are NOT in on this: There are a great many heroic American Law Enforcement officers in Portland who are NOT complicit in the crimes taking place, the orders are coming from way up and the great officers in Portland are not complicit, they are in an impossible position please understand this it is not their fault there is only so much they can do when their leadership is throwing them in front of a vile Leftist freight train).

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Experimental Vaccines To Cause Widespread Permanent Psychosis

*Attention all Patriots: These actions by BLM and ANTIFA are 100% intended to provoke us into a fight:

Do not fall for it.  Do not go near these cities or any “protests” or “protesters”, we must make absolutely EVERY effort to avoid them. Do not be provoked:

That is what they want, we must be disciplined and not give them what they want.

*These reports and events corroborate the 2017 video testimony of the true black activist who was present when the Civil War intended by the Left was being planned:

While it is difficult to not want to take action to protect the innocent people being harmed:

ALL efforts to assist the people of Portland (and other Democrat-run cities) should be to COMMUNICATE with them and URGE them to get out of town ASAP if they can, and if they can’t leave town they should steer way clear of the downtown areas at all costs. Anyone who wants to do more than that can for example offer people with gas getting out of town or a place to stay or what not. Also I encourage folks who own hotels and motels in sane states perhaps offer refugees of the literal war zones which are Democrat-run cities a room. These are just some ideas to kick off the kind of brainstorming which is required to get people to safety.

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*Major Update To, “NO MILITIA=NO AMERICA” (see expanded introduction)

All Military-Style Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines have been declared 100% legal

Racist Until Proven Woke: Extortion As A Virtue CLICK HERE

SHOCK VIDEO: Black Activist In 2017 Video Brutally Exposes The “Demonic” Left’s Planned Civil War CLICK HERE

**The entire circus is a big Divide and Conquer scheme:

The only way to win an attack of Divide and Conquer is to NOT fight.  Do not be provoked, the way to deal with this is:

Everybody avoid the “peaceful protesters” and let them burn themselves out.

*(NOTE: If it is necessary to take defensive action to defend life, limb, livelihood or property as an action of absolutely unavoidable last resort, then that is a different scenario and every person must make their own decisions there.   BUT: The bottom line is to do absolutely everything possible to avoid the “protesters” altogether.

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*SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below: Be Paul Revere With Me & Share This!

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