Biden voters had all of their votes stolen?!  But didn’t Biden win?  No, everyone lost.

Well everyone didn’t lose.  The divisive Puppet Master Shakedown Artists who control the divisive puppet shakedown artists in DC won.  They all won big and they continue to win big as they use money stolen from all Americans to fund their Divide & Conquer PSYOP schemes deployed by their Weaponized Propaganda Machine aka The Mainstream Media & Big Tech Social Media. 

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Oh and it gets even better:

The man who coined the term “Fascism” (Benito Mussolini) described Fascism as, “A merger of state and corporate power.”  So, many congratulations to ANTIFA and BLM for doing so much to help usher in Fascism with the organizing help of the combined forces of corporate and state power (aka Facebook, Twitter, etc).

A funny thing about Fascists is that they love to call their enemies Fascists.  So thank you so much ANTIFA for helping the actual Fascists to destroy the man who worked day and night for 4 years to destroy Fascists (that would be Trump).

Racists are a lot like Fascists, in the sense that they love to call their enemies racists.  So great job BLM for helping professional career racists like Biden and Harris to pretend to be President and Vice President while Puppetmasters who despise you even more than they do call all the shots.

Puppets who have made a career of ramming racist policies down the throat of America now get the honor of playing White House as their great reward.  Harris didn’t even want anyone to know she was black before Black Lives Mattered, she was an “Indian-American” back when Biden was making fun of Indian-Americans.  And Biden, well there’s really no need to convince any intelligent person of how he has punished the black community to the full extent of the law for the crime of being victims of the system which has made Biden enormously wealthy for decades.

“A Warning To The Left” By Vic Freeman CLICK HERE

When the full extent of the law wasn’t enough, Biden and Harris both worked like a white man and an Indian-American woman on fire to increase the extent of the law to destroy black communities as brutally as it possibly could.  As a result of the hard work of acute pushers of systemic racism like Biden and Harris, over half of the black men in prison are there for non-violent crimes and people are surprised when black boys and young black men grow up angry and turn to crime as any desperate attempt to survive in any way resembling dignity however remote.

And it’s just more lip-service from career politicians who see the black community as nothing more than a big gravy train for shaking down the American People as they tear scabs off of the most painful of historical wounds and drudge it all back up to the surface.  They relentlessly pour salt into those wounds with every single grain of salt being yet another reminder which will never allow anyone to forget nor forgive the sins of the past.  The racism problem must never end however, because the big budgets that buy a lot of ice cream require big problems in order to get passed, and healthy people make terrible customers if you make your living as a quack doctor of social engineering. 

So whomever you voted for, whether Biden or Trump:

Congratulations we all got screwed.  It wasn’t Trump who lost:  We lost.  All of us.  Every American.  Every vote got stolen regardless of who it was cast for.

Biden voters won nothing:

The man they voted for is in charge of absolutely nothing and that’s exactly how the Puppet Master Shakedown Artists want it.  They sure are in no hurry to spare Joe Biden or America further embarrassment as they use him like a tool.  I have no love for Biden but the cruelty for what they are doing to him is deeply profound and adds an entire new dimension to usury, not to mention the obvious fact that they do not actually want The United States of America to have an actual meaningful President at all.  They want to weaken and denigrate the Office of The President in general along with whatever respect the very title of “The President of The United States” ever had in order to make room for their hand-picked unelected Globalist leader(s) to come.  They want the Office of the President of the United States to be ineffectual in general and permanently and Biden is absolutely perfect for them.

Not a single American who voted in the 2020 election voted for anyone who is now in charge of anything.

Have a nice day.

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