When YOU and your FAMILY are SICK and DYING after being FORCE INJECTED: Remember those who TRIED to WARN YOU.
“People who insist on clinging to their illusions are not ready for The Solution.” -Vic Freeman
Do you think getting SUCKERED into murdering people all over the world on behalf of Global Corporate Psychopaths makes you SPECIAL?
It would help if Patriotic Americans were to stop living the Definition of Insanity as it it were a lifestyle and a religion.
Our Republic is not being destroyed by bullets and bombs, and it won’t be fixed by bullets and bombs either.
If you voted for President Trump in 2020, there is ONE LAST WAY you can make your vote count for something.
Holding ANY Election before 2020 is resolved is a DISGRACE. Do Right By Trump or NO Republican will EVER hold ANY office in the future.
Sources CONFIRM that The US Military and National Guard are ACTIVELY PREPARING TO SHOOT AMERICANS (See Pics Which Corroborate Reports)
Republicans need to receive a scorched earth, apocalyptic, burn the godforsaken backstabbing and treasonous Party to the ground message.
Is the following statement a threat or a warning: "Never get between a mama bear and her cub."
Give a Community some Government fish and you feed it for a day. IF that is they agree to force MASKS on children.
If you hire a chef to cook your meals and they stop doing so, do you not eat?
Nobody else has anything even resembling a comprehensive PLAN to address ALL of the MYRIAD Key Fronts of this NEW KIND OF WAR simultaneously.
Patriotic Americans face a Psychotic Global Corporate Enemy who wants not peace but to crush the Sovereignty of America and of every American.
There was an Arson Investigator who astounded everyone with his ability to quickly determine the exact cause (of the fires he was starting).