YOU are aiding and abetting GENOCIDE with your INACTION.
What almost nobody knows about President RE-Elect Trump is that he's a tremendously, tremendously YUGE BASSHEAD.
WE will NOT aid and abet #JabGenocide of KIDS via inaction. WILL YOU?!
If millions of kids die from the “Vaccines” and America is lost forever, do you know what the SADDEST part of it will be?
As for us WE will NOT aid and abet #JabGenocide of KIDS via inaction.
OUR America was BUILT on, "In God We Trust" and We The People shall now build it anew because: In God We STILL Trust.
Some folks want to kill the enemies of America: Vic Freeman will make the enemies of America want to kill themselves.
People who are not useless pieces of trash are and will be getting a lot more information. They will also be getting a VC.
YOU know people who are JUST AS GUILTY as the NAZI’S were. Will you defend them so they can KILL KIDS TOO?
Don’t leave the defense of your country to people who want to destroy your country.
Based on historical and documentary evidence a total of 15,754 people were killed by NAZI Doctor Josef “Angel of Death” Mengele’s experiments
If WE don't FREE THE MINDS of America’s children ALL other efforts to Save America are TOTALLY IN VAIN. Nobody else will: IT IS UP TO US.
Trump brought back FIRING SQUAD before leaving the White House...
If they cannot cheat, they will do literally anything it takes to make sure there is NO ELECTION AT ALL including INCITE CIVIL WAR.
A lot of so-called “Patriots” are spreading the LIFE-THREATENING DECEPTION that the '22 Midterm “Elections” matter in the slightest.
We CAN fix all that is SO WRONG in our country WITHOUT even one drop of blood shed nor even a single hair harmed on ANY SIDE.