Trust Yourself To Work A Real Plan: There will be no more America other than the one we build ourselves from here forward. It is GO TIME. Let's get it done.
SABOTAGE: You name it The #AmericaHatingLEFT #AmericaLastLEFT DID IT. ALL 2020 CHAOS, 1/6, 11/3, Economic Sabotage SHUTDOWNS, DIVIDING RACES, etc
I hope everyone on all sides can work harder to communicate with each other. Censorship puts everyone in danger so we have to work together.
What would you have to be planning for you to genuinely fear that good law abiding Americans will shoot you when they find out?
A totally illegitimate and exceedingly evil criminal regime has taken complete control of our Government after stealing our election in broad daylight.
It's sad to see Americans in such astonishing denial that they look to the Pre-Rigged '22 and '24 "elections" as an actual solution to anything.
Here is how to start a Hot Civil War (a “hot” civil war means gun’s blazing […]
*(Before we begin there is a very serious first order of business to address:  If you […]
Does the rattlesnake rattle to provoke? Does the rattlesnake rattle to incite?
Biden voters had all of their votes stolen?!  But didn’t Biden win?  No, everyone lost. Well […]
If you are an unelected power-hungry Global elitist then Joe Biden is your dream come true. […]
“If our rights are only as firm as the most infirm amongst us we have no […]
Anti-Vaxx isn’t about freedom of religion it’s about freedom from religion. -Vic Freeman Everyone has had […]
Politics is not the same as war. Politics is when people who disagree debate each other in good faith and civility in order to meet in the middle. That is NOT what this is.
Imagine barging into someone’s home and informing them that you’re going to change everything they love […]
2nd Amendment
The term, “Gaslight” originates from a 1938 play of the same name, wherein a man seeks […]
There’s been a lot of talk of plots to overthrow the Government lately.  Yes, there most […]
A best way to incite and provoke violence is to go into a Constitutional Republic where […]
“A stand-your-ground law establishes a right by which a person may defend one’s self or others […]
So right now, as you read, I have the distinct displeasure of officially welcoming you to […]