Imagine barging into someone’s home and informing them that you’re going to change everything they love about it whether they like it or not?  Then when they object, you say that they have no right to object because people who lived there hundreds of years ago failed to live by the new rules of the new normal (since they were busy living by the old normal, due to it being hundreds of years ago).

When they still object you begin to chant,

“Not your borders, not your walls, none of your home decor at all!”

When they tell you that you’re going to want to back off, you then take to chanting:

“Death to your home!”

How do you imagine that would go over?  Would you expect a pleasant reaction?

Then, when they tell you there’s a rapidly increasing probability that you will get hurt if you don’t #GoAway and #LeaveUsAlone, you call the police and demand they be arrested for provoking and inciting violence.


The above may sound like an insane scenario which no decent, clear-thinking, reasonable person would ever do. 

But the Left isn’t decent, clear-thinking or reasonable so…

Here we all are.


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