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The Next PLANdemic: HERE We Go AGAIN (Click Here)

All Out Of Fear: Cuba Is A Preview of America

Being afraid implies you have something to lose.

Where there is no fear of losing something left:

There is no fear of anything left.

If there’s one thing to realize about Cuba:

At some point…people realize that they have already lost everything.

They realize that even the things they still have can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

They wake up to the fact that WHEN anything you do have can be taken away at any moment:

You don’t actually HAVE anything.

Anything you THINK you have is as good as gone already.

At that point the potential consequences of taking action, including possible death, pale in comparison to the terrible consequences of simply being alive.

The fear of losing a life which is not yours and the fear of losing freedom you do not have:

Is a non-existent deterrent.

When the misery of waking up to another day without freedom is more painful than the fear of dying, and when the possibility of jail means nothing more than being transferred from one prison to another…

Then you have Cuba.


We do not want anyone to die.  Not even the most Left Leftists or the worst behaving politicians. 

God made America great and He wants us to “hate the sin but love the sinner”, and we had BETTER put in every effort we possibly can to do that if we want America to be great again.

A lot of Americans are angry today.  There are very few people on ANY side of this who are not angry.  BUT…

We ALL have a choice to make:

Will we destroy ourselves and each other with anger, or are we going to restore and secure our freedom and our country?

It’s ONE OR THE OTHER folks: REGARDLESS of what “side” you are on.

Regardless of what “side” you are on:

You have to CHOOSE between the destructive forces of anger, OR YOUR LIFE, because no matter what “side” you are on I can tell you right now that if WE ALL don’t change in major ways, and fast, the most likely outcome by far is:


*We are ALL victims of Divide & Conquer tactics coming from OUTSIDE of the country we all live in.  And there is ONLY ONE WAY to defeat attacks of Divide & Conquer and that is:


Everybody wants to tear the other side a new one, I get it, but this is AMERICA and in AMERICA:

“If ANYBODY loses, NOBODY wins.” -Vic Freeman

*Note: YES I did just quote myself and please quote me also so that people know where to turn:  I KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS AND LITERALLY NOBODY ELSE DOES.  Okay?  So for the love of Christ SHARE THIS because The Dividers DO NOT want violence STOPPED and as such I am being censored EVERYWHERE including the so-called “Free Speech”  TRESONOUS BACKSTABBING JUDAS PLATFORMS of MeWe, Wimkin and Parler.  At least Zuckerberg doesn’t pretend to be a friend to Patriots.  Tell me what is worse: A Benedict Arnold who slaps you in your face, or a JUDAS who stabs you in the back while pretending to be on your side?

P.S. What do I mean by “The Dividers”?  The Dividers are our ACTUAL enemies which include GLOBAL-CORPORATE and NOT of Governmental nature.  They play governments like normal people play video games so in regards to 1/6 and any other potential such attack(s):

Our enemies are NOT in DC or in any State Capitol or in any Government building whatsoever.  So NO, we DID NOT participate in 1/6 and we would not because our enemies ARE NOT THERE (many of puppets of our enemies are there, but they in fact make ZERO decisions and they would be immediately replaced by even worse puppets overnight.  So even if we were evil enough to attempt to MURDER people it would be totally pointless to “move on” DC or any government person or group.  What I mean by MURDER is:  ANY offensive act of violence, whether with fist or firearm, other than as an act of absolutely last resort to ONLY DEFEND life, limb, livelihood or property is murder or attempted murder.  DEFENSE IS:  Someone is coming at YOU, where YOU are and belong.  DEFENSE is NOT:  Going somewhere else where someone you want to commit violence upon is, belongs or may be.  IF you go at someone else where THEY are:  That is an ATTACK, and AS FOR US we:



*To be clear: I am NOT “threatening” anyone on the Left: I am TRYING TO SAVE THEIR LIVES.  Of course I will explain as clearly as possible so for God’s sake I hope you’re paying very close attention:

One Word: CUBA.


The Left in America think they want to succeed in their “progressive” goals.  They really don’t.

The Left in America think their “progress” will create a Communist Utopia in America.  It won’t.

If the Left makes much more “progress”, they won’t find themselves in any Utopia…

They’ll find themselves in a scenario like Cuba, with a few key differences:

While they are just over 11 million total people in Cuba…

There are over 75 MILLION victims of Election Theft in America.

While there are just over 200,000 privately-owned firearms in Cuba…

There are over 400 MILLION privately-owned firearms in America.

In other words:



None of the Cuban people had to provoke and incite other Cuban people to violence:

The Communists did that.

None of the American people will have to provoke and incite other Americans to violence:

The Communists are doing that.

FACT CHECK THIS:  The United States of America is very well-established as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

FACT CHECK THIS:  A Constitutional Republic is NOT the same thing as is a Socialist/Marxist/Communist system (YES, Socialism, Marxism and Communism are the same thing just like Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 cancer are degrees of the same thing).

FACT CHECK THIS: America is being FORCE FED Communism, and trying to FORCE Communism down the throat of a Constitutional Republic against its will is THE ULTIMATE PROVOCATION AND INCITEMENT.

FACT CHECK THIS: Choosing between remaining a Constitutional Republic or adopting a Marxist/Communist system WAS NOT ON THE BALLOT.


God Willing we will fulfill our mission of preventing all violence in Our Republic, and the Left had better hope that we do, because as the most terrifying anti-Left meme of 2020 read:

“There are over 70 million of us and you had better hope it doesn’t start, because if it starts we won’t stop until there are none of you left.”

I hope the above meme puts the challenge we have in implementing NON-VIOLENT solutions into perspective for you?

*To MAKE A COMMITMENT to NON-VIOLENCE while STILL securing your family 100% from the PSYCHOTIC LEFT: CLICK HERE


Your Brother Patriot To And Beyond The End,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20

Be Paul Revere With Me™
It Is Getting LATE Patriots: We Must Ride Fast & Shout Loud...(get updates here)

*ALERT: In order that less people DIE please share this post. (Let's Be Clear: They are trying to KILL YOU and YOUR FAMILY.) Demolish their plans by sharing this and other posts by "The Weapon of False-Narrative Mass Destruction™" aka Vic Freeman™. *Be Paul Revere With Me™ & SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below to SHARE

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