*NOTE: Is the following statement a threat or a warning:

“Don’t get between a Mama Bear and her cub.”

Is the above statement a malicious attempt to provoke and incite violence, or is it a warning given in the interest of preventing injury and/or death?


The rattlesnake does not rattle in order to incite nor provoke violence, but rather in a most sincere good faith effort to prevent violence before it occurs. Silencing (or censoring) the rattlesnake’s rattle prevents the rattlesnake from alerting others when it would be in the best interest of others to watch their step. If rattlesnakes are unable to rattle in warning then those who silenced the rattlesnakes become the direct cause of any venom deployed. -Vic Freeman

“If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, then in the exertion of that original right of self-defense, which is paramount to all positive forms of government, the citizens must rush tumultuously to arms in their courage and despair.”  -Alexander Hamilton

“If at any time the government forms an army, that army must never be formidable to the liberties of the people. The people must never be inferior to any army formed by government in discipline and the use of arms. Furthermore the best possible security against any army formed by the government is for the free people to hold and practice arms for the purpose of going through military exercises as often as is necessary to acquire the degrees of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia. The people at large should be properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them regularly.” -Alexander Hamilton

“Alexander Hamilton was the most brilliant American statesman who ever lived, possessing the loftiest and keenest intellect of his time.” -Theodore Roosevelt

“Beware the fury of patient men.” -John Dryden

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Dear Leftist/Progressive,

Your life is in severe danger.

That wasn’t a threat: It’s a fact.  It’s a fact that I am taking this time to warn you of because a God you probably don’t believe in loves you.

You should keep reading because below you will find instructions on how to save your own life.

BREAKING: All Military-Style Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines have been declared 100% legal


The first thing you need to do for your own safety will require some study.  Since you don’t even agree to disagree anymore, I certainly don’t expect you to ever agree with this information.  But you need to understand it.  Urgently.

1.  You need to research and understand what The Founders of America believed in and how they saw the world.  Again, I won’t ask you to agree with their views but you need to understand their views for your own safety.

2.  You also need to research and understand the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.

3.  You need to research and understand The United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

4.  You need to research and study how exactly this country became independent in the first place, and you need to research and study how often it is that history repeats itself.


You need to gain a deep understanding of the founding principles of THE COUNTRY YOU ARE TRYING TO CHANGE, because you have awakened a ferocious sleeping giant.

As a “progressive” you need to understand WHAT it is that you are trying to progress away from.

Everyone understands that YOU want to change this country hence this warning:

If it conflicts with the Founding Principles of this country it ain’t gonna happen.


There have always been “Progressives” in America.  There have always been those who wish to abandon Founding Principles in favor of some other way of life.  Thanks to the unprecedented greatness of America, up until now Progressives used to be perfectly free to safely disagree with the very Principles which gave them the right to safely disagree in the first place.  But not anymore.  Progressives used to be safe to disagree, but you aren’t anymore, so what changed?

You see, we used to have civilized processes in this country which served the purpose of peacefully resolving disagreements and conflicts.  Thanks to the civilized processes we used to have, progressives and those who prefer the more traditional American way were able to get through disagreements and conflicts without any bloodshed.  It was a beautiful thing: Everyone could openly express how they felt and believed and there would always be peaceful resolution.  Even if it meant folks agreeing to disagree with each other we could always count on there being peaceful resolution.  They were great times.

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Some examples of the civilized processes we used to have, which used to do a great job of peacefully resolving disagreements and conflicts are:

-Freedom of speech

-The Courts

And a REALLY big one:


All those wonderful processes of peaceful resolution are gone now.  You have “progressed” them all into complete uselessness.  You don’t want freedom of speech and freedom of the press to reign, instead you have chosen to censor, block and ban.  You don’t want to have any more actual discussions, instead you seek to silence all who disagree.  You don’t want courts which are effective in actually resolving any conflict between any differing sides, instead you want partisan human rubber stamps on your benches who are more concerned with activism than they are with justice.  You don’t want actual elections which actually give us four more years of actual peace, instead you just want to take power by any means necessary even if it means stealing the sacred right to meaningfully vote from over half the country.  You don’t want real Law Enforcement and real laws to maintain any real peace, instead you want chaos and no opposition to your chaos and law enforcement which magically appears only when YOU want to dial 911.

Someone should have told you to, “Be careful what you wish for” and if someone tried you should have listened because all peaceful process is dead in this country now.  You killed all of it.  You “progressed” all civility and all morality and all basic decency right into the ground.

It is quite the bed you have tried to make for America, and now you’re going to sleep in that bed alone as your real nightmare begins.

The Silent Majority has never loved your “Progressivism”, but we were willing to agree to disagree.  Many if not most traditional Americans have deeply resented your “Progressivism” for a very long time, but we chose to coexist.

But you have chosen not to coexist as you have tried to cancel and censor everything and everyone you’ve failed to coopt.

You tried to force your progressivism upon America against its will, and now the traditions of the greatest country and culture in human history will haunt you like the ghosts of its Founders and every soldier who ever died for it.

In a sneak attack of cowards you tried to slowly erode the traditions and culture of America by indoctrinating school children with your “Progress” and you tried to erase our monuments so that American kids will never ask, “Who is that mystery man and what did he stand for?”, because you don’t want them to ever ask “why is there a statue of someone not mentioned in my school books?”, because then Marx forbid they might find out that Americans used to be free.

You have targeted and used people as you have ripped off old scabs and have poured salt in the most painful of wounds, just so you could point at those who stop your “progress” and say, “ALL of your pain is THEIR fault!” when nothing could be further from the truth.  You say,  “Destroy THEM for us and we will give you all of their stuff!” along with endless other promises you will never keep.

You have, with High Treason, used medical terrorism to terrify people so you could shutdown and lockdown to destroy businesses and try to make America too weak and too poor to resist your Global Communist masters, as you open the back door to their evil and roll out the red carpet for the global economic tyranny which OUR President whom WE chose in 2016 (and again in 2020) already said NO to.


I could go on, for a very long time, as listing out all of your evil would be like War & Peace minus the peace, so I’ll conclude…


You have “progressed” yourselves into a place infinitely more dangerous than standing between a mama bear and its cubs:

You are standing between Americans and their freedom.  And you need to run, not walk, away from where you are standing.

You need to stop talking the hate you’ve been talking as you shout, “No borders, no walls, no America at all”.

Your marching with, “Death To America” is now acknowledged for what it is:

A declaration of war by YOU upon America.  As you’ve simultaneously destroyed all civilized processes of peaceful resolution in this country.  Those were very bad ideas.

YOU are a bad idea.

The real America doesn’t like you and never has.

The real America doesn’t start fights…but has a very long history of ending fights.

The real America has combat veterans who came back from fighting for freedom only to be told they must wear a muzzle (aka mask) and can’t leave their homes at night, due to a “virus” which people need a test to even know they have it, and which doesn’t kill anyone who isn’t already 99% dead even it they do “have it”.

The real America is tired of being TREAD ON and doesn’t have much left to lose besides ammo.

And you went and disrespected every law enforcement officer in the country and then added injury to insult by defunding them.

And you’ll NEVER again be able to successfully claim that, “Americans have no legitimate purpose for assault rifles” as you’ve burned cities and countless businesses halfway to the ground…while simultaneously Defunding the same police your Leftist gods have always said will handle the every self-protection need Americans have.

The biggest thing you’ve achieved in 2020, is you’ve finally awoken the real America up to why The Founding Fathers of America immediately followed the 1st Amendment with the 2nd.

And there are many millions of Americans who truly would much rather die on their feet than live on their knees.

So you “Progressives” have a choice to make:

STOP your “progress” or it will be stopped for you.

SHUT your mouths like you tried to shut ours, before you cause the Sleeping Giant you’ve awoken to snap.

Because while you may have plugged your ears to opposing views and made a mockery of the 1st Amendment in order to do that:

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t care if you’re listening.

And you can’t buy ammo with EBT.



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